Dogs, Inc. is a boarding and dog daycare facility, owned by Erich V. Rachwitz, DVM who visits the facility daily.

Our 4800 sq. ft. outdoor fenced play area and spacious, state-of-the-art dog suites create the perfect home away from home for your dog.

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Dogs, Inc. is located in Bellevue, NE near Offutt Air Force Base. Our kennels are built inside a fully-restored 1960's barn that sits on six acres. We're just down the road from our owner's veterinary practice, Twin Creek Animal Hospital.

Our Location

As a small 20-suite facility, we take pride in catering to the unique needs of each dog.
Our special level of care emphasizes safety, stress reduction, comfort and fun!
You'll like the amenities and so will your four-legged family members. (Get Directions)

Our Services

A Special Level of Care

Dogs, Inc. works hard to care for your dog in a way that satisfies his/her unique health and social needs. To maintain a calm environment, we only care for dogs that are well-behaved and friendly towards people and other dogs. Our goal is for every dog to have a pleasant, safe experience whether he's here to play for a day or sleepover for an extended period of time!

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Daily Visit from the Vet

Facility owner & veterinarian, Dr. Rachwitz, stops by daily to check in on the pets under our care. Our well-trained staff gives vaccinations, performs physical exams and dispenses owner-approved medications. If we notice that your dog is stressed or showing signs of health issues, we will contact you immediately to discuss how we can help. If needed, we'll be happy to consult with your dog's regular veterinarian, ensuring consistent and proper care for your pet.

Pet-specific Feeding Schedules

If your dog is on a strict feeding regimen, be sure to let us know the details... meal times, whether or not you typically leave or remove the bowl after meals, etc. As part of your dog's stay, we provide Eukanuba® Low Residue dog food. Designed to promote digestive health during stressful times, we find this food works well for dogs who are boarding. If you prefer to bring your pet's favorite brand, that's fine too.

Dignified Care

Our staff treats every animal with respect. Your dog will not be asked to pass through a doggie door or expected to go to the bathroom on concrete. We take each dog outside individually for bathroom breaks and playtime.

Positive Human Interaction

We believe positive human interaction is essential to a dog's emotional health. We give each pet as much attention as possible, and highly recommend our fun, one-on-one playtime! Although we understand the benefits of inter-dog play and pack play, we do not currently offer this service. However, dogs from the same household are welcome to have playtime together and even share a dog suite.

Our Photos
Our Rates

Master Suite Sleepover

7' X 6' Dog Suite
$35/day – 1st Dog
$25/day – 2nd Dog

An extremely comfy space suitable for boarding one dog of any size, or two bigger dogs from the same household.

Junior Suite Sleepover

4' X 6' Dog Suite
$30/day – 1st Dog
$25/day – 2nd Dog

A nice sized area suitable for boarding one dog of any size, or two smaller dogs from the same household.

Dog Day Care

$20 - day (8 am–6 pm)
$10 - ½ day (up to 4 hrs.)

Ideal for dogs who need some attention while their owners are busy.

About Us

A Little History

Dogs, Inc. was established in 2012 by Erich V. Rachwitz, DVM, owner & founder of Twin Creek Animal Hospital. After being approached by a number of pet owners about boarding their dogs, Dr. Rachwitz saw the importance of providing a trusted boarding/daycare facility, with proper veterinary care. That's why he created Dogs, Inc., a facility devoted it to providing a safe & comfortable environment for pets.

Our Staff

Our staff is primarily made up of students in fields directly related to veterinary medicine, ensuring that each employee is dedicated to the well-being of your pet. Each staff member is personally trained by Dr. Rachwitz & spends time learning specific care techniques and how to administer the necessary owner-approved medications at Twin Creek Animal Hospital prior to beginning work at Dogs, Inc. Likewise, Dr. Rachwitz spends time each day at Dogs, Inc. providing check-ups for his furry guests.

Contact Us

Thank you for your interest in Dogs, Inc. We welcome the opportunity to answer any questions you may have. Please complete the form below to let us know how we can be of service!

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